Hope in the midst of a rough week

Happy story from my bus ride today. The driver is young tall and slender and I might have guessed he was from west Africa but clearly, from listening to him talk he grew up in the states. The driver is talking with a young cute Spanish greek or middle eastern guy who I thought rather young and very cute. And these two talk the whole time I am on the bus.
Right of the bat listening to them, I get the sense that this discussion has a high flirt factor. The Spanish guy was in his seat when I hopped on the Bus and he is standing right beside the driver and occasionally at stops puts a hand on the driver’s shoulder by the time I deboard.
They are loud in the way some people are when nervous and flirting or meeting someone new. But are they gay I wonder when Spanish dude mentions that the guitar the two have been discussing is his ex-girlfriends favorite.
Before I even have the chance to marvel that there are couples who would discuss their respective favorites when it comes to a guitar -I think “oh I guess I was wrong.” The bus driver stammers “oh sorry I thought . . .” clearly reading things as I did young cutie jumps in with “Oh no we broke that off way back – then I was with –boys name_ for a little — Bi–” he says like Bi where his name “But on my own now not that I am trying to keep it that way” I give a mental fist bump over how well he worked that all out.
They keep talking and Spanish dude starts telling the driver how his hangout is -one of the area gay bars. I mumble to myself O know the owner of that place at which point older lady beside me lets me know I m not the only eavesdropper on the bus when she says “You too, yeah he is a friend of mine we chuckle I clarify that “well I dated someone who knows the owner” We smile and turn our attention back to our protagonists in our mid-day romcom.
The two young lovers in the making have moved on in their conversation. And good news they are thinking about meeting up maybe Sunday. Driver suggests maybe 11 or 12 Spanish dude nods that yeh he should be done with the church then. Bus Driver “I have something I signed up for or I would say let’s just go together, What church do you go to?” Spanish guy says the name and location of a congregation that is in Messa. The driver says he goes to a Baptist church they agree that they have to get church in over the weekend or they will just drag and won’t be ready for the week that follows.
We are at my stop. I thank the driver look at them and wonder to myself if I am going to read that the driver got fired because these two starry-eyed boys couldn’t make it until Sunday and started making out at an upcoming stop.
Being around open happy gay youth with friends who date the ones who enjoy a great deal of acceptance and may be one of several gay kids in their grade or at their school normally leaves me feeling like a bad person because of the jealousy and even resentment that bubbles up in me. But not today. As I get off the bus and start my way back to the house I am smiling and washed in a joyful mood and think “It’s just like I knew it could be.”

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