The first Department Store Santa: Day 13 of the Original Unitarian Universalist Advent Calendar


This was for me one of the more delightful discoveries.  I had never before heard mention of theadvent_december_13 Unitarian ties to the man credited with being the first department store Santa.  As I note in the Calendar Edgars is as formally affiliated with Unitarians as with 2 other churches in his community.  What I don’t make clear in the calendar are some details about this man that further support the idea that 1) he may have felt a particular affinity to the Unitarian church and 2) regardless of the exclusivity of his Unitarian religious self understanding Edgars was a man who lived according to commitments to right action and service of others that make him a worthy model of the sort of social responsibility we wish to nurture through the ministries of our congregations and the witness of ever Unitarian Universalist in their own living.  I have included a link to a great account given as a memorialization of James Edgars by someone who knew him in which you will see some of what I am talking about.


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