For fans of The Original Unitarian Universalist Advent Calendar . . .pointing out an anachronism in the image for Hanukkah on December 7th.


OK so December advent_december_77th is over but Hanukkah is still going so let me just confess to some historically inaccurate illustrating.  The image featured is modeled after the Menorah from the first century relief showing Rome plundering the Temple in Jerusalem which could have been the Menorah at the time of the Maccabean revolt, why not.  However I decorated around and outside the frame with spears and shields as if from the rebel victors.  But the symbol I put on the shields to make it look clearly topically relevant if not just a bit seasonally festive is a six pointed star called a star of David and a common symbol of Judaism in modern times.  Unfortunately the Jewish tie to this design as one of its sacred symbols is found in the tradition of Jewish mysticism that comes long after the First Hanukkah.  Bassically it is the Kabbalistic tradition that introduces the Star of David as a symbol of Jewish Faith.  If the Maccabees had a symbol on their shields they would have been more likely to use a hammer, menorah, representation of the temple, palm tree, or stylized pomegranate all of which appear on later Hasmonean minted coins  and most of which seem to get a pass on the whole no graven images norms since the instructions for the adornment of the temple include instructions to use a number of those images in the gold covered reliefs of the temple sanctuary.  Hardly a big deal but worth knowing.


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