Why targets of workplace bullying need our help: A rallying cry from the heart


I had to post this somewhere. Yamada includes an email he received from a victim of workplace bullying and I was so blown away and assured to read some of the details she describes about how she has come to experience life since the abuse has increased because she has voiced some of the greatest frustrations I encounter as a result of traumatic injuries from abusive treatment in the workplace and being the victim of sexual violence. While this is not strictly foccused on the work of faith development or religious education it is very relevant given the stress and frequency of mobbing and bullying directed toward clergy by church factions, senior staff and peers, and ecclesiastical authorities.

Minding the Workplace

Early Monday morning, a reader of this blog left a comment that specially captured what workplace bullying can do to an individual and why targets need help from family, friends, co-workers, and advocates who are not in harm’s way. Her comment starts with an explanation for why she hasn’t posted more responses to blog posts and commentaries about workplace bullying, mobbing, and abuse, then goes into a more general description of how smart, independent, resourceful individuals can be rendered powerless in the face of sustained, continuing mistreatment.

I shared this comment on Facebook, and the response was overwhelmingly positive and supportive of the sentiments and insights expressed by this writer. I decided that her words should be highlighted for readers of this blog, not merely tucked into a comment to another post.

I’m sharing it below in its entirety, with a few very minor edits and typo corrections, and with deep thanks to this reader, Lilydalelah…

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