A shout Out for the Torch Bearers Continuing the Legacy of the Woman who Gave us Young Children and Worship, Sonja Stewart (without whom Godly Play may not have been what we know it to be today).


Those individuals and congregations that are looking to go beyond the Spirit Play Trainings I know some have taken advantage of chances to attend Godly Play events or trainings which is awesome but I wanted to let people know if they didn’t already that another great resource for further development of your practice can be found through Young Children and Worship which also offers trainings and has even been involved in promoting Montessori based R.E. methods in parts of the U.K. This is the group that was founded by Sonja Stewart Who was an early co-developer of a great deal of what we have come to know as Godly Play. She came from a less liturgical background than Jerome and focused on sacred story lessons and is the source of a fair number of the Bible lessons told using wood figures. The owner of Worship Woodworks the company that has produced premade material sets for several Spirit Play Lessons and who graciously donated prototypes of my first group of lessons helping Spirit Play take off with the excitement it did–her name is Sally and her materials are based around Stewarts designs so Spirit Play has an early and blessed connection with this kindred practice of doing R.E. I felt inspired by their updated website and recent activities to share that good work with folk who may not have been aware of yet another school of playful church educators out there.

Young Children and Worship

Worship Woodworks

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