New Spirit Play Materials Still In R&D


In my previous post I suggested browsing an online educational resource store to get inspiration for R.E. materials, especially for use in a Spirit Play program.  In my inspiration shopping I have been looking for ideas that would suggest a broader range of presentation and materials types to work with.  As triangles are a way of representing a promise what other uses of shape would work to represent abstraction related to our religious and spiritual questions and impulses?  Instead of a standard lesson for each and every figure in our history we want to introduce maybe there is some other way these figure could be brought into the learning environment but each and person who is U or U or UU and has achieved some degree of fame would not have to be presented in the way we would present Jesus, or the Buddha.  And I am anxious to have more materials designed to use in  Spirit Play as extension lessons that may not always need to be introduced for the child to find ways to work with the materials that is engaging, offers opportunities to learn and grow, and is still completely on topic with the content and focus of religious education.  The design I have posted here to share hardly represent all the things I said I have wanted to bring to Spirit Play.  This is both a particular material set to introduce a mosque.  You can easily imagine the additional sets that I have to introduce worship spaces used by other faith traditions and communities.    Also the  way the materials are presented on the slatted base or even the expanded base with a background board complete with slots to slide labels or small picture cards could lend itself to a number of new lessons.  The base creates a practical style or manner of presenting a lesson.  Next the goal is to observe and reflect to find any ways in which a slatted base and backboard lesson presentation offers a concretization of some relevent conceptual structures and if these structures have importance for what it is we purpose to be doing in our educational ministries.

Please share your coments

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