Inspiration for New Spirit Play Materials


Let’s hear it again for the religious education resources from the UK.  TTS offers educational supplies that can be ordered online for use in a wide range of subjects from science and math to physical education.  Their religious education items are  listed by religious group, mode of education, type of materials and so on.  The prices are steep even before doing the exchange rate to figure out what things cost in US dollars.  However even if you aren’t likely to purchase anything from TTS I still recommend you check it out for some inspiration.  Especially for those who work with Spirit Play some of the items you will find at TTS would be great for Spirit Play and creating your own material based on a TTS find may not be terribly difficult to fabricate with a change or tweak here and there. 

Some of my favorites where the boxes each filled with items from a different religious tradition.  The items might include cards and booklets with images and information, special clothing worn by practitioners, objects used in religious ceremonies, and decorations for celebrating a holiday or religious festival.  Obviously these are something people can make since the TTS boxes give ideas but there is no need to limit your items to what comes in these commercial products.  They also had both plush and wood (or plastic) worship spaces play sets.  The church opens to reveal the baptismal font and communion table, while inside the mosque there is a Koran on its stand and stairs the imam climbs to give the sermon, and in the synagogue you see an arc for storing the Torah and a hanging lamp for the eternal flame.

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