Another good website from the U.K.


Another website to check out is one called REonline.  Like other religious education sites created in the U.K. it is important to remember that this materials is designed for use in schools where students have religious education as one of their standard subjects.  The quizzes and assessment items may not be terribly useful to the work of Religious Education does as a ministry to and with young people in our Unitarian Universalist Congregations here in the colonies but there is a great deal else the site has to offer. 

At the recent Spirit Play conference I spoke of the need to develop our bottom shelf that is our activities and further learning resources in Spirit Play- in a digital setting that gave greater access throughout the week instead of confining the s

cope of our educational and faith formation work to sunday morning with those that attend.  In the workshop we went on from there to consider the sort of digital assets that might be engaging and of some value.  This site has some examples to help jumpstart ideas about what sort of digital assets could be developed very easily without many bells and whistles.  And since it is already generated we can start directing our young people there and gather a sence of what is of interest and engages them and what does not so that when we are ready to develop our own resources we have a sense of the possibilities and what is and is not successful at capturing interest and nurturing self directed exploration in our children and youth. 

Frankly with this site I could imagine it being of greatest value first as a site that was available for young people to access independently or as a group during standard R.E. lessons.  Instead of introducing information to the group they could use the tools on the site to research and inform themselves about various types of sacred space, or similar rituals to celebrate the birth of a child and so forth.  I think it also recommends itself 2) as a ready to use asset for those U.U. families that do home school.  But I don’t mean to close the doors and suggest these are the only two uses.  I think it is well worth exploring as I imagine you will find other worthwhile possibilities for utilizing this particular site.

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