2nd National Spirit Play Conference, a Success!


Illustration by Ralph Yeager Roberts, to be used in future publicationI recently returned from San Antonio Texas and the 2nd National Spirit Play conference.  It was gratifying and humbling to participate in this event since it allowed me the chance to hear the love and excitement being felt about this program I partnered to develop, test, and launch.  To witness a gathering of people representing 12 states Washington D. C. and Canada all devoting significant time and funds to be able to attend a conference where they could learn and share experience with Spirit Play was awesome.  I am so grateful to have that affirmation that I have given something of enduring value and worth to others. 

Also richly rewarding to me was the opportunity to reconnect with Sally Patton who served as R.E. chair in Winchester for several years of my ministry there and who was a creative colleague and visioning partner to me quite often during my tenure with that congregation.  The Only disappointment for me was that Nita Penfold was at the last-minute unable to attend as expected.  I would have loved seeing her in person again and just hope she is feeling better. 

I do not want to misconstrue the value of the event by omitting how much I was able to learn as well from the talented and visionary individuals who have been doing Spirit Play and training and developing new lessons.  I have come from this event revitalized and enthused and feel more acutely the relevance and worth to my revision and illustration of a set of lessons which I started earlier this year.  Likewise I hope to pursue at least one or two other Spirit Play related projects I have been contemplating.Illustration by Ralph Yeager Roberts, to be used in upcoming publication

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