Book Reviews and Recomendations: Eery Day Religion


I want to share some specific insights I hae had i reading the contributions to this book.  edited by Sociologist Nancy Ammerman, Everyday Religion is a collection of essays which analyse provocative features to the way religion is understood, practiced, claimed, and negotiated against some standard of tradition or orthodoxy among modern people.  It also deals with groups and manifestations of religious commitment that are bound up in the intersection of people, their religious practices and identities and technologically mediated culture.  I highly recommend this as a good resource for the work and thought being devoted to addressing and promoting a change in the low rates of retention among those raised as Unitarian Universalists.  I think the book is a helpful one in troubling the waters a bit so that we must reconsider our assumptions about the look our success should have.  That is it challenges assumptions we may hold about what religious identity and commitment are expressed and embodied especially in a world that is almost defined by its mutability in relationship to the constant and many technological advances and innovations with which we are perpetually bombarded.

Everday Religion: Observing Modern Religious Lives, Nancy T. Ammerman PDF version.

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