Adult Education Topic: Corporate Personhood


Follow the link  I found for resources about Corporate Personhood as defined by a growing number of laws and legal interpretations.  

One of the more disturbing legal developments in recent years is the ascription of personhood to corporations granting to companies a host of rights and privileges which are protected in the constitution.  the result have been disastrous and hae contributed to the hobbled form of a democracy we hae and are becoming in the United States.  It is a topic that has been of much discussion and concern in recent years.  Using the articles and other resources available on the website,   Reclaiming Democracy it would not be very difficult to map out a plan for an  interesting series of adult ed sessions focusing on legal conceptions of the individual and of corporations.  Further more there is  plenty to be found on this site to help structure a meaningful social action response project as part of the program.

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