A meal that teaches: Sources Supper


Tree with people caring for it I had the honor of being asked permission to use a lesson I authored as part of a program that was designed by folk at Unity Church Unitarian in St. Paul MN.  The program is called the Sources Supper and within the context of a ritual meal people are introduced to four historic figures wo played significant roles in bringing Unitarian Universalism to our world.  I have always been powerfully struck by the passover meal in Jewish tradition and the Christian practice of communion and how each re-members stories as it re-members the participants in the ritual meal.  To consume ones history and taste as story is to enter it and have it enter you.  The Sources Supper invites participants to enter into knowledge of some significant religious well springs of Unitarian Universalist faith.   The story of mine they asked to include is one I wrote about John Murray’s arrival in America.

Sources Supper Page where you will find more information on this program including a Script you can down load and use to lead such an event, and teacher tips and suggestions offered in another document also available on the page for people to download and use.

The Lesson I wrote about John Murray is part of a  collection of Spirit Play lessons available through Worship Woodworks in Protection Kansas.  And the materials used in telling this story are also sold by Worship Woodworks.

Spirit Play Collection of Stories, by Ralph Yeager Roberts $19.99

Material or manipulatives for the story John Murray, Coming to America  Following that link takes you to a page showing a variety of options depending if you want the wood box, and complete set with wood and felt items all included and ready to be used in telling the story, or the materials without the wood box, and so on.  The complete set of materials sells for $63.25.  However you gan get wooden figures used in telling the story for just $6.25.

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