Tapestry of Faith



Many churches are using the resources and programs published by the UUA as part of the Tapestry of Faith program.  Although the program isn’t brand new at this point and through using all or parts of particular programs many people will have a good sence of some of the benefits it has to offer.  The fact that these resources have been so attentively and thoughtfully developed and made available in an open source format and in a way that easily accommodates you congregations own particular revisions and adaptations to be inserted into the teacher lesson plans and resources makes the Tapestry programs note worthy.  I think it marks another first for Unitarian Universalists as I know of no other religious association or denominational body to have taken such a bold step. 

There is a presentation available for download on the UUA site but I know I have not gotten much from the slides in the past whereas to have the slides fleshed out as they are in a recorded presentation to the Midwest district earlier this year was very helpful and informative.    Admittedly the presentation is a bit longer than your average YouTube video and it is a no thrills and frills presentation it does provide a good understanding of the aims of the program and how those can be seen in the resources available.  If you are a theoretically inclined educator as I am then you may also find that having listened to the discussion in  this web cast you can then more meaningfully review the actual lesson plans in the various programs seeing better the possibilities for your own congregation and work.

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