Give the kids a gun! A glue gun that is!


Have you used school glue lately.  Recently all I could find was a bottle of the good old liquid white school glue or maybe you know it by the brand name Elmers.  What I was glueing had 5 hours to dry which I assumed was plenty with some time to spare.  However I apparently forgot just how irritating it is to work with this stuff.  The project was nowhere near dry at the end of four hours and when I tried blasting it with the het gun to speed things up a bit it just slid things about as the hot air blew items across a pool of  globular whiteness. 

Many of us who work and volunteer in R.E. are of a crafting persuasion and know well the many virtues of the beloved hot glue gun. A blob of glue once applied can usually be removed quite easily yet holds a range of materials rather securely.  You can cheat and count on the glue which has a  thick application to add some dimensional or structural support for what you are wanting to construct.  But best of all you can glue things just how you want them and in seconds they are set in place.  Glue guns turn tedious embellishment work into something much more fun and manageable.  I’ve used glue from a hot glue gun instead of sewing, to hold Christmas lights to the house, to attach when I also need a minor patch job as well to fill some hollow area.  Ah beloved and ever gracious hot glue we thankyou for your many mercies and rich abundance. 

Just think of some of the things kids at church might have time to bring from their mind and into the world if they where not restricted to runny non drying makes your ink and paper bleed school glue for everything we have them work on at church.  Certainly the burn factor is a deterrent to this option but there are many tools with a risk of minor injury that could be used relatively safety by setting up a tool station with an adult always present to help in the use of that particular tool or to follow a young persons instructions about where they would like the material cut or pressed or punched etc.  There are also glue guns that run at higher and lower temperatures.  The lower temperature ones make it a bit harder to actually suffer a burn.  So don’t hold out on them give the kids access to the guns when doing crafty crap and there may be quite a bit less that comes out looking like and seeming to them like . . . well crap.

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